lauantai 15. tammikuuta 2011


"Once upon a time, there was a little princess.
She lived in a very quiet, small town where everybody knew each other and peculiar things almost never happened. Or when they did, they were the type which you should not talk about. The little princess was really happy. Her parents, the queen and the king loved her, and she had a blooming childhood. Full of laughter and fairytales.

The princess did always well in her life. She managed the school properly and always dreamed big. She was always told that her dreams would come true. She will find her prince charming, and they will live happily ever after.

The days flew by and the princess ventured true her days, waiting miraculous things to happen.  And many times miraculous and special things did happen. The day came that the princess had grown up, she had already left the small town and her parents safe castle behind. Now she started to notice, that people were starting to expect things from her. She was already supposed to know, what kind of queen she would be? The queen of hearts, or perhaps the queen of diamonds? Both were very promising and desired. But the princess herself wasn't quite sure. She had always dreamed of many things, of many fortunes. She had actually always though that things would settle, she would know when the time would come.

The princess had always been very cheerful and optimistic. So optimistic indeed, that she had gone with the wind so far, that she was amazed herself,  how had she ended up in this new world at all. And a new world it was. The world of adults. Adulthood is very a complicated world you see, full of haste and decisions. It was time for the princess to make the decision. She would be the queen of hearts. But wait! She realized that how could she be a queen without a king? How indeed?"